Safeguarding against Lab Grown Diamonds

Clark Diamonds takes our responsibility to supply guaranteed natural origin diamonds very seriously.  For many years we have been receiving written guarantees from our suppliers confirming the natural origin of our diamonds – we decided that this wasn’t enough, and we need to do more.  We have now completed a major programme of investment in our ability to detect lab grown diamonds (LGD’s) in our own offices. 

How have we invested?

Specialist equipment is required to identify LGD’s.  While you may be able to spot indicators with a loupe, to accurately conclude a stone is of natural or synthetic origin you need the right machine.  There are plenty of options on the market, with varying degrees of accuracy. Some have high referral rates, some confirm synthetic origin while others only indicate more tests are required, and all have limitations when it comes to the range of sizes it can handle and the speed of processing.   

We want our stock to be 100% screened, and due to the range and volume of our stock no single machine would do the job, so we needed more than one machine.

After much research and discussions with our trusted partners in the diamond pipeline, we invested in the following:

DRC Technology D-Secure Plus

This machine will positively identify LGD’s with a low referral rate and can scan batches of stones, in any shape or size, in around one minute. This machine came unanimously recommended by our partners in Mumbai, and we use it to screen every stone larger than 3.8mm and to double check referrals from our other kit.  Screening stones smaller than 3.8mm is possible on the D-Secure, but in the quantities we keep it can get laborious and time consuming.  For those stones we need…

De Beers Automated Melee Sorter 2

This impressive piece of kit will screen all shapes and sizes from 0.9mm to 3.8mm, conclusively identifying LGD’s with an average referral rate of 0.02% at a rate of 3000 stones per hour.  There isn’t anything comparable on the market.  It is industry leading technology made by the pre-eminent name in the diamond trade.  This ensures that even the tiniest stone in our stock is confirmed to be of natural origin.    

De Beers DiamondView

This machine uses SWUV light and filters to activate any fluorescence and phosphorescence in a stone, allowing us to analyse the growth patterns in a stone to confirm its origin. We use it for stones referred by the other two machines, and sometimes just because it’s fun.

Our Staff

None of this would be any good without the right people to operate it, so most importantly, we’ve invested in our staff.  We already boasted 2 Gemmology degrees, 5 FGA’s and 7 DGA’s.  We have over 200 years trade experience between us, covering jewellery manufacture, retail, coloured stones, rough diamonds and of course polished diamonds.  And now all our diamond handling staff have completed the De Beers Synthetic Diamond Detection Course to cement our unparalleled diamond knowledge as we face this new challenge. 

You can absolutely rest assured that every diamond you buy from us is of natural origin.  We know this not because someone told us, or because we sent it to a lab, but because we have tested it ourselves, with fully trained expert staff, on industry leading equipment, in our own offices. 

We invite you to come and see for yourselves.

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